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The Furniture Budgeting Tool provides a preliminary furniture pricing estimate on a square footage basis, helping you to develop your budget early on in the furniture planning process. The tool will generate a pricing estimate based on three levels of finish: low, medium, and high grade. To get started, enter the number of employees and space size. If this information is not available, skip this step and select either the Quick or Detailed Calculator.


Enter number of employees and space size (optional)

Number of Employees (if known) people
Space Size (if known) sq. ft.
% Add-on Factor* %
*Add-on factor includes common areas outside the tenant's space, such as multi-tenant corridors, bathrooms, building lobbies, and loading dock areas.

The Quick Calculator provides a cost estimate of Allsteel furniture per square foot based on the most common space sizes.

The Detailed Calculator provides more space size options to supply a better estimation of furniture cost for a project.

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